Future Leaders Group


The HCRA Future Leaders Group (FLG) has been developed under the support and guidance of the HCRA Executive Committee. The primary objective of the FLG is to build research capacity, foster collaboration and develop support structures for early and mid-career cancer researchers (EMCRs). The FLG program is a pivotal HCRA knowledge dissemination platform for educating the next generation of clinicians and researchers towards leadership.

Develop comprehensive strategy to support career progression of EMCRs via:

  • Identification of a cohort of EMCRs;
  • Scoping of EMCRs research needs;
  • Scoping of EMCRs career development needs;
  • Introduction of career development plans;
  • Prioritise career development initiatives;
  • Identify professional career models beyond the EMCR stage.

Facilitate the implementation of key career development initiatives:

  • Development of processes for implementing agreed career development activities;
  • Promote opportunities for collaboration, sponsorship and mentoring (local, national, international);
  • Identify existing or emerging career development opportunities;
  • Succession planning for executive/senior positions.


The membership of the FLG will include:

  • Early or mid-career clinicians or researchers (EMCRs) defined as individuals who are 0-15 years post-PhD award
  • Clinicians without a PhD however hold a formalised practicing qualification such as college registration – this extends to medical registrars
  • EMCRs have to be HCRA members and have a primary affiliation with cancer research (PRC CaRIT) (≥50%)
  • Opt-out for self-identified progression beyond EMCR stage.

Our people

The FLG Committee is made up of a core group of 8 EMCRs from the FLG membership with diverse membership across gender, career stage, location and HCRA flagship affiliation. Meet the members of the committee.

Our opportunities

The FLG supports a number of funding opportunities and leadership schemes to support its members. View the current funding opportunities.

Our success

Since starting in 2017, the FLG has supported a number of members through funding programs including the FLG Awards, the Career Advancement Fellowships in Cancer Research. View the recipients of these programs.

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